Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There was all darkness
There was no sound
In the middle of nowhere
I was lost unbound

Shrunk in my madness
I could barely see
This dark black giant
who whispered "Remember Me?"

Then was the time
when the past touched my mind
Making me remember
of his doings unkind

His huge eyes so dark
Were filled with passion
Searching for his prey
He showed no compassion

His thoughts seemed creepy
As he moved so fast
I took it for sure
That am not gonna last

It was behind me
And i was out of my breath
Running seem so hard
As I feared my death

Now was the time
To gather my courage
And face this creature
Breaking the shackles of my bondage

To my previous karate classes
I now gave a recall
I took the stands of a ninja
To kick him like a football

I let my senses come to rescue
Imagining us on a wrestling mat
Now giving my leg, a full swing
I finally kicked out that stupid "RAT"

P.S : Well, I actually dont suffer from any of these murophobia, or musophopbia or suriphobia. I just wanted to give a try to write something funnier, and i hav no clue how much this one has turned out to be.
You know wot? Once there was this rat, when I was at BITS Pilani, which used to irritate a lot, in my friends'(Mr. Jack) room . We planned to screw it down one day. Three of us, stood inside the room, with the door lockd leavin no way for the rat to escape. I was on the table with my weapon "a glass" holding in my hand. We disturbd the whole room for the rat to come out. The rat started panicking, running from corner to corner. I took a sharp aim, and threw the glass perfectly at tht stupid rat. Now wot, it took no more than 3 seconds for the rat to break down.
You must be thinkin, am such a an @$$#0!+. But I dont give a damn.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tashan - Ishtyle

Boletho, aapko bohut milegi isme, dekhneko style
lekin bhaiya, movie ko ek cheez ki zaroorat hoti hai,
'The story line'.

Shuruvaat tho theek thi.
jab kareena, saif ke saath atkee thi.

par beech mei na jaane kahan se tapka anil kapoor
tab se laga, shuroo hogaya hai himesh ka 'aap ka suroor'

pehle tho, uski Inglish ki thhi "wah ji wah"
par dus minute ke baad mere kaan kehne lage "nah baba nah"

aakhon ko tab thandak aayee
jab akshay ne raavan style me entry maaree

But dont u think, hez gonna spare you now.
Coz hez the one who bugs you the most at later stages, with all his spiderman type feats, jumping around an old fort, defying all those Newton's laws of gravity.

Atleast Saif gives up torturing, as he instead opts to play a side kick, lettin his girlfriend romance with her ex-linkup Akshay. I mean, hez the only one you could opt to watch in his own Kool tashan.

While watching the movie, let your mind relax, and please dont let it raise questions about some of the scene's credibility. I know, you just cant help it, but then, I insist.
- When Anil Kapoor, chooses to shoot kareena with a trivial watercannon, instead of his gun. The water thrown out only ends up filling a gutter under, through which Saif manages to ride a water steamer.
- Avoid thinkin on which side Saif is playing. Coz, the director himself is so confused, during those action fights.
-Kareena in a bikini. I leave this to your own imagination.
-As i said, keep your physics aside, and let Newton relax for a while during those action scenes.
-Dont be surprised whn you find your friend sleeping, coz he has just escaped being a victim, for his own good.
-And when you start thinking, "wht was tht you hav just watchd until now. Was there some story at all? "

I told ya. you just dont need to think much. As said 'Good things come in small packages'. This onez from no small banner. It is from the Yashraj's family.

But for a movie buff like me, all this stuff doesnt actually matter. I go to movie to hav fun, and i make sure, tht i acquire it. waise bhi, story nahi hai tho kya hua, thoda comedy, style etc etc hai hi na movie mei...
I actually suggest you to watch this movie even after all the above statements. achhi hai yaar...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Riding in the darkness
I see through your eyes
When the moon is fading
In the wonderful sky

Am holding you tight
On this dried up sea
I can feel your heartbeat
And you're right under me

I love the way you look
I love the way you run
You lure my heart
With your power so stern

You're sassy
You're hot
You're busty
N you're smart
You simply rock on the roads
You're the one in my heart

Driving and steering
You see no bar
Thats my bike
The tvs Apache 160 RTR

And I call her Trin - for trinity.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Where do I stand ?

My feelings for You(Chinese) and Them(Tibetans).

Why are people so greedy?
Why's love so adulterated?
Why do you want a colony?
When you are among the hated.

Whats the reason, to do this sport?
When you're literally spreading no peace
Is it the culprit mind of the Senate?
Or is it in the blood of chinese?

The whole world is watching
But therz nothing one wants to do.
UK, US, Russia and the Beijing,
Why dont u simply accept the truth.

You wanna have fun through others misery
You want their blood spilt on your clothes
Do these monks look so stupid
Whom you just dont seem to ignore

They lead a life which is so petty
On the terra firma, they refer "fatherland"
While you are just being so sadist
Ruling and harassing from your "motherland"

I want peace for eternity
I want their life slippin out of your hand
I run with a prayer in my heart for them
Could you tell me, Where do I stand?

Appendix - Tibetans refer to Tibet as a "fatherland" whereas
"motherland" is a neologism introduced in the 1960s
to refer to China.

P.S - This blog's inspired by Aamir Khan, who carried the Olympic Torch, a few days back.
And I dedicate this one to my friend Vishnu, whoz obviously supporting the Tibetans, atleast through his dreams.

His Dream - "i had got this wild dream that i was in tibet protesting with other monks then police start firing and we start to run.. i ran into a building and hid in a corner...this chinese guard comes in ... he sees me then...he aims his gun at me...then suddenly he sees one tibetan hiding near me... he shoots him in the head and points his gun back at me...i stand up ...tats all ...i get up from sleep.... "

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Congratulations! you are reading the "Going to be the most read blog of all" blog on blogspot.com. Well, this blog was supposed to be made of paper made from Bagasse, and not from trees. (OK. Now lemme stop you here. This blog was supposed to funnier. And i have no clue to wht extend it actually is. So, do laugh atleast once, for my sake) Bagasse actually comes from sugarcane. After the cane is crushed to make sugar, the left over pulp is what makes the paper. So, think about it every time you use a paper made of bagasse or rather use internet to pen something down, and you will be making our planet a little greener(U are supposd to laugh now). And everytime you save a tree, you save a part of planet Earth. It's upto you now. Go ahead, create a revolution. But am like a little confused, whether to use the paper made of bagasse or rather Internet, not able to decide, which wud be better for a green planet. But I mean, who gives a damn. Its in the very human nature to adulterate things.

Me and My _________ - The Co-existence

We were born to be together, together we shall be forevermore
but let there be spaces in our togetherness
and let the winds of nature dance between us.

Here goes the Metallica's Turn the Page version, with my lyrics...


Well, sorry for the disappointment. I had to remove this blog for some strange reasons. But then, you can always read this guys. I mean, you very much need to be a guy. this onez a strict no entry for girls. So, if u interested in reading this blog, just give down a comment, with ur email id in it, and i shall mail you.