Thursday, October 30, 2008


While sitting on my bench
I saw her for the first time
I felt this feeling inside me
Like the bells and gongs have chimed

She looked so delicate
sporting a lustrous auburn hair
when she entered the classroom
like a star on a gentle flare

Cruising down the hallway
my heart started pounding
as she chose to sit beside me
leaving everyone else astounding

She had this smell
her smell so ethereal
her smell so hallucinating
moving her orbs to my side
she asked me "Whats happening?"

Still lost in the delirium
I shook my head
trying hard to gather some words
I said "I love you" instead

"What?" wasn't the word she chose to utter
But she instead gave an appeasing smile
She took my notes and started scribbling on her's
as I was dancing in the lillies of nile

"My namez Trin, wots urs?", she shyly mumbled
And then I replied with mine
I dint wanted our conversation to get to an end
but then my stupid teacher gave me the high sign

I felt on cloud 9 when our arms gently touched
Sittin beside her felt so divine
my eyes, her touch, and the heart beat as such
Everything seemed to be fallin in line

my heart sank, when the bell rang
the students started leaving
and i could hear the benches' clang

She was still scribblin on her notes
as I was gazin at her chin
she gave me a gentle look
and I was still lost within

The class was all empty
and I was wonderin of doin something naughty
But then this guy suddenly appears
a handsome and well built, walkin so doughty

She looked at him coming
she stood up, all blushing
she hugged him and then she kissed him
and me..What abt me? I was only staring

well, ab aur kya hona thha..
She introduced him to me
he was her boy friend
she so much enjoyed telling me
that they were a perfect blend

She packed up all set to go
And I thought "wotever,
Zindagi abhi baaki hai dude
Yeh nahi tho another".