Friday, November 21, 2008

A Saturday

Humpty and Dumpty
went to watch a movie
When Humpty and Dumpty
very much liked its story

'Dostana' was its name
in which abhi and john kissed without shame
the movie was full of gags
with jokes intended only on fags

jab movie khatam hua
tho dono nikle gaadi pe sawaar
idhar udhar ghoomte
pahunchgaye seedhe baazaar...

thodi bohut shopping ki
aur uske baad thodi pate pooja
phir gaadi aise bhagaayi
choone wala na tha koi dooja

'Jaane kyun Dil jaanta hai'
Dumpty gaarahi thhi gaana
Humpty tho uski dhun mei mast tha
jaise phoolon ke baag mei bhavra mastana

But does time always go good?
Its the fate that decides
things do sometimes go wrong
Its all God's will besides

It was sharp turn
But nothing did realize Humpty
driving at a riotous pace
he took the turn, Topsy-turvy

There's a saying that
'Sometimes others get to decide our destiny'
And so was about to happen
when a 'Logan' engaged with them in a mutiny

their bike and the logan collided
Together they dragged along a distance
things started getting messier
when Dumpty lost her balance

Humpty could see through his eyes
as Dumpty was falling down
He tried to gather her with his hand
But Dumpty had crossed the bound

She hit the floor
Everything was blank for a while
Humpty was all safe
And guess Wot..So was Dumpty
Just a few scratches she had
And she later started screaming
That the experience was definitely worthwhile

Humpty couldn't ask for more
It was the genuine grace of Dumpty
Her nature, her warmth and her perspicacity
May be they were supposed to be friends forever
It was a feeling, all so trusty

It was a moment of experience
It was of course the God's will
Woh kehte haina,
Jo bhi hota hai , achchhe ke liye hota hai..
Sahi kehte hain....


  1. I have no words to appreciate this work. But I am writing this to straighten the number of comments to this work. It is worth a lot of appreciation. Hope to see more comments.

  2. No need of 120, Sunil!!....

  3. Good message in a funny way.

  4. It aint a message actually..
    That was inspired by a true story !! Pin-to-pin...

  5. Dude!! you suck at this!!! :D