Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is it, that you're busy with...??

When your parents want you to come home
you tell them you are busy working for your company

At the office, your manager wants to assign you
a new project,
but you are too busy talkin on phone with your

For you girlfriend, you are busy having fun with you
best friends

For your best friends, you are busy spending time
with your office colleagues

For your office colleagues,
you are busy visiting your native, to meet your parents....

Therez no time for family and friends
therz no time to study and for fitness
Therz no time for ur lunch or brunch
Are you ever gonna solve this crunch?

So, wot is it that your busy doing?
leaving unsatisfied everyone who care
Lost in this world unknown
You're only gonna live in despair


  1. True. We all are busy, but busy doing nothing. There are so many things that are going on at the same time that most of the ppl hardly balance job, frnds, spouse and personal intrests.
    So Zubair what so u suggest for ppl in despair ?? or can u advice ppl on how to come out this ?

  2. Well, it was a quite obvious answer to see. that we're busy doin nothing. bur still we're busy..
    And I dont think am versed enough to enough to suggest someone in despair.
    But I can obviously state a well known answer..
    What ever you do, just see to that you are havin fun, and are quite satisfied doing it..Be its a priority for ur friends or ur studies or ur parents... So, that you will never hav to regret about ur past priorities, thinkin tht u cud hav done them better...
    Wotever.. Am not so good at givin suggestions.. I mean, Its Meee.....

  3. Zubair,

    I have one question - what is it that you are busy with bcoz....i think its time now for you to oblige your readers and put up something interesting for us to read!

  4. so true..some ppl r like this only..n they keep giving justifications..n at d end of d day..they get tired of giving justifications..

  5. cool collection and a very nice blog my friend...
    keep this type of interesting stuff coming up...

    tke cre
    b well...

  6. @hana: it has turned out to be a part n parcel of life these days. the changing culture is always given as an excuse, but finally its us who change it. Its just about realizing our priorities and workin out accordingly.

    @yogesh: its all my pleasure to have ur appreciation yogesh. Am working on writing new stuff, coz i know, am still a novice in this field. I've actually stopped putting up stuff onthis blog, coz am now @ http://neozubair.wordpress.com