Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There was all darkness
There was no sound
In the middle of nowhere
I was lost unbound

Shrunk in my madness
I could barely see
This dark black giant
who whispered "Remember Me?"

Then was the time
when the past touched my mind
Making me remember
of his doings unkind

His huge eyes so dark
Were filled with passion
Searching for his prey
He showed no compassion

His thoughts seemed creepy
As he moved so fast
I took it for sure
That am not gonna last

It was behind me
And i was out of my breath
Running seem so hard
As I feared my death

Now was the time
To gather my courage
And face this creature
Breaking the shackles of my bondage

To my previous karate classes
I now gave a recall
I took the stands of a ninja
To kick him like a football

I let my senses come to rescue
Imagining us on a wrestling mat
Now giving my leg, a full swing
I finally kicked out that stupid "RAT"

P.S : Well, I actually dont suffer from any of these murophobia, or musophopbia or suriphobia. I just wanted to give a try to write something funnier, and i hav no clue how much this one has turned out to be.
You know wot? Once there was this rat, when I was at BITS Pilani, which used to irritate a lot, in my friends'(Mr. Jack) room . We planned to screw it down one day. Three of us, stood inside the room, with the door lockd leavin no way for the rat to escape. I was on the table with my weapon "a glass" holding in my hand. We disturbd the whole room for the rat to come out. The rat started panicking, running from corner to corner. I took a sharp aim, and threw the glass perfectly at tht stupid rat. Now wot, it took no more than 3 seconds for the rat to break down.
You must be thinkin, am such a an @$$#0!+. But I dont give a damn.

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